Pre – Primary 2

Pre-primary 2 classrooms are an environment alive with exploration and discovery. Children select from avarity of ativities designed to cultivate and sharpen their senses and cognitive abilities and to help them develop focus and concentration.


The Pre primary 2 program is such an important phase for children as they are preparing to transition to grade 1 in the upcoming school year. Students will continue to expand on topics that are being covered in the previous year as well as explore new educational frontiers.

Our curriculam is designed in a way to encourage students to get out of their comfort and think outside the box and apply what they learned in class to their daily lives.

This includes

  • Introduction to new vocabulary
  • Recognition of initial and final consonant sound
  • Printing of names
  • Printing of single words,identification of sight words and dolch words
  • Identification and creation of simple patterns
  • Measurement ( Ordering, comparing and measuring objects)
  • Addition of numbers
  • Geometry ( building and learning shapes)
  • Develop cognitive and meta-cognitive skills
Age Group: 4.5 years – 5.5 years
Duration : 6 Hours/day
Group Size : 7 to 16 students per class with 1 caring, qualified and experienced teacher and 1 teacher assistant [ Care- Giver ].